Salon Only Add Some Merry to Your Salon Marketing


As the holidays quickly approach many salon and spa owners are gearing up for the busiest and most opportunistic time of the year for both service and retail sales growth. Here are some ways for salons and spas alike to put a little MERRY in their holiday marketing. There is no better time to bring a little CHEER to your bottom line. Here are a few ideas to get you in the spirit.

Holiday Promotion
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Deck the Halls
Determine a holiday look for your salon or spa and deck the halls! Decorate to add cheer, showcase product and service promotions, and give an overall “ho-ho-ho” to your business in your special branded way.

Cozy Coiffure Selfies
Encourage clients to post  pics of their “holiday coiffure” on Instagram or Facebook. Get people talking about your salon this season by adding some cheer. With very little effort, you can bring a sparkle to both your staff and clients.

Be Socially Merry
Don’t forget to dress your social media “holiday theme” as well. Change the banner on your business page, create holiday themed frames for your FB and Instagram photos. Add some sparkle and cheer to every “touch point” with your clients.

Holiday Drawing
December is a great time to do an annual “Enter to Win” contest. Think of a fun give away gift that will promote cheer (as well collect valuable email addresses). A great way to start a digital relationship with your guests. 

Gift Packages
Get creative. Pull together hair and skin packages that engage your guests with fun names, pretty packaging, and wonderful bows. This season look fresh with mint and red accents!

Holiday Team Photo
Take the time to promote your team. A playful way to connect to your current and future customers, a team photo makes your team approachable. Highlight the most meaningful gift they’ve ever received.

Cozy Beverages
Offering a cozy seasonal beverage is something that costs almost nothing, yet makes a huge statement. The cost is minimal, clients love it, and the salon smells amazing! Give your salon guests cozy drink options, like hot caramel apple cider with a cinnamon stick, hot cocoa with marshmallows, steamed milk with a caramel drizzle, and hot blueberry tea with a sugar butter cookie.

Holiday/Seasonal Mugs
Another way to make your mark is mugs - choose mugs that match your salon’s personality and add to an inviting holiday presentation.

These are just a few ideas, I’d love to know what you do to bring the holiday festive feel to your salon in comments below!

7 Step Daddy Strategy


In 2016 the US male grooming market was worth an estimated $20 billion, doubling its size in ten years. Men are becoming more sophisticated in their grooming habits, and salons that tap into this  trend can grab a slice of this highly profitable hair and beauty demographic. Survey after survey shows the male grooming market is expanding. There is a huge, and increasing, demand from men for hair and beauty treatments.

The additional value of the male demographic is that men tend to be more loyal clients than women. Communicate the right marketing signals to men; make it easy with a separate section on your salon website, a men’s retail section in-salon, a separate service and price guide for men. You’re positioning your salon or spa as a trusted expert and to a brand new audience. Men can be reluctant to call and inquire about grooming services. This year plan and implement the a Daddy Strategy.

Here are some marketing suggestions to really help drive sales:
1. Conceptualize a Theme
A promotion starts with a concept, a photographic image, a catchy message and headline. Father’s Day specials should center on treating dad. Sports massages, back waxes, shaves, brow treatments, skin treatments - even manicures - give dad a little pampering he wouldn’t have given himself. Choose a promotional message and theme you want your salon business to portray for Father’s Day. Carry this theme consistently across all your online and offline salon marketing channels.

2. Think Women
Your target demographic for Father’s Day gift buying is women (wives, daughters, mothers). Dads are tricky to buy presents for, so offer women an alternative to the token tie or pair of socks, promote the gift of a “grooming experience”. 

3. Create Themed Packages
Promote your gift options for Dad by way of a dedicated Father’s Day email followed by social media reminders. Make it easy to buy by creating service and product packages at price points for all budgets.

Have fun Father’s Day references as package names such as; Dapper Dad - a pedicure, waxing and manicure or Hello Handsome - a stress-relieving massage and pampering facial.

Package men’s retail products into a “Dad’s Grooming Kit” or “Manscape Kit”. For pocket-sized budgets (great for kids) display inexpensive retail gifts for dads on your salon reception desk (travel size and finishing style retail works great).

4. Daddy Strategy
Promote your Father’s Day offerings by posting consistently across all salon marketing channels including website, email, social media, and in-salon. Ensure Father’s Day offers and gift ideas are fully promoted on your website beginning on June 1st.

Update website homepage slideshow and/or specials page to include image of Father’s Day promotion. Send an e-newsletter with Initial Father’s Day offers on June1, send follow-up e-newsletter Father’s Day offer reminder on June 12th.

Throughout the month of June continue to drive traffic to your salon website with regular social media posts and email marketing. Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram’s audience is exceedingly female, making them the perfect platforms to promote Father’s Day offers. To harness the full power of online marketing post these “daddy strategy” ideas, tips and advice across all social media channels. Post everywhere consistently.

Give your salon social media “Dad appeal” through posts like:
- Grooming guides
- Shaving tips
- Step-by-step men’s hair style guides
- Anti-aging skincare tips for dads
- Manscaping, facial scrubs and pedicure articles
- Men’s summer well-being tips

5. In-Salon Merchandising and Retail Signage for Father’s Day
Make sure whatever you are promoting online is communicated in-salon too. Your salon windows and walls are free advertising space. Display eye-catching Father’s Day window graphics and mirror talkers throughout the salon.

Create prominent Father’s Day retail displays. Clearly label and merchandise Father’s Day gifts for easy selection. Retail signage that clearly conveys specials, package contents, and price points make purchasing a breeze. Merchandising product with signs “tell the story” of your retail promotions to salon guests.

6. Add Some Bounce
Bounce-back marketing promotions do what they say, they encourage repeat business and loyalty through offering an incentive. Your salon doesn’t want to see dad just the once, the marketing goal is to turn him into a regular salon or spa client. Encourage clients to return by adding a bounce-back offer to your Father’s Day gift packages or cards to tempt people back in July and August. Schedule these appointments for quieter days of the week or hours of the day and with selected stylists or beauty therapists.

Here are some Bounce-Back marketing ideas for Father’s Day:
20% off pre-booked appointments made that day.
20% off men’s retail purchased day of appointment.
20% off men’s pedicure and manicure services June - August.
Pre-book men’s haircut & finish during months of June - August, receive a steam towel, cut-throat shave.
50% for free: book a 60 minute massage and get 30 minutes additional for free. Promotion available months of June - August.

7. Gift Card Email Reminder
Don’t forget the easiest gift to give - Salon Gift Cards! Great for women who want to sharpen up her man’s looks. Send out an e-newsletter reminding clients that Father’s Day is coming. Remind your guests about the convenience and last minute opportunities of salon or spa gift card giving. Promote your salon or spa’s Father’s Day gift cards as perfect “last minute” gift options. Gift cards can be a big money making opportunity for salons if panicked gift givers, who didn’t plan ahead, can step-in or access your salon’s website and purchase a thoughtful gift for Dad.
Run your campaign like this:
Email 3: June 17: Only 3 Days left!
Email 4: June 20: Last 24 Hours!

[  ] Theme
[  ] Packages
[  ] Website
[  ] Social Media
[  ] In-Salon Advertising
[  ] In-Salon Merchandising
[  ] Bounce-Back Cards
[  ] Gift Cards Email

For some beauty businesses June signals the beginning of slower summer months. Although Father’s Day purchasing tends to be last minute, plan to begin your promotion early to ensure you squeeze the most from this marketing opportunity. 

Did Father's Day arrive before you had a chance to put together a promotion? BeautyMark Marketing offers stylish, professionally crafted, agency-quality marketing at a small-business price. Click here for more information about our Pre-Made Promotions